Success Story

The Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program II (CYEP) sponsored by the International Youth Foundation and funded by the United States Agency for Internal Development (USAID) has recently been completed and with a number of success stories.
Here is what one of the graduates had to say:
Odysser Thomas receiving her certificate-May2013In speaking to Odysser Thomas, graduate of the Office Administration class of 2013, she shared with me her excitement of managing a supermarket single-handedly after her training and Internship in the CYEP programme.  (See picture:  Odysser Thomas, R, receiving her certificate).
Odysser experienced a period in her life without job to sustain and meet her needs.  She was dependent on others for survival.  She blamed her situation on her lack of education and qualification.  Her goal in life is to have her own home but in order to do so she must be able to work and save.  When she heard of the training programme at the GARD Center she decided to apply to gain some qualification and to be independent.  The training was a challenge in itself since she was no good at spelling and was embarrassed to let others see her failure.  She remembers the first spelling test, a zero that caught the attention of her English Teacher, who promptly took Ms. Thomas under her wings.
“The training in Sales, Marketing and Customer service really helped during my Internship, which allowed the proprietor to place me in charge of his business and left me to manage it for two months.”  I now have a full time job as Manager of the business.
“I am so pleased with the training and the support I received.  I see the improvement in my life and my attitude. Thank you CYEP and GARD Center.”