Employers' Internship / Job Placement Programme

Lend Us Your Helping Hand!

Cynrica Maynard pic-2013As an employer, you can play your part in molding our vulnerable youth into becoming productive members of the workforce. Each year, the GARD Center depends upon the goodwill of business establishments to assist us in the development process of our trainees through internship and job placement opportunities. Each youth is required to complete an internship period of no less than 160 hours/1 month following their period of class-room training. We are delighted to say that we have had many success stories, with many students having successfully completed our courses and assimilated nicely into the work force or started their businesses. A small stipend would be welcomed for each trainee. All our trainees go through a very rigorous screening process to ensure that they not only have the aptitude for the vocation but are of sound character and have acquired a strong sense of work ethic. Together, we can make a positive dent in the lives of our vulnerable youth, who desperately need a chance in life. Assist us in the extension of our training efforts by facilitating the internship of our trainees. Forming this relationship with us can be a rewarding experience to your organisation, the trainees and the GARD Center. Come on board now! Here is how the programme will work:

Andre Roberts 2Benefits to You

Here are the ways in which you can benefit from participating in this programme:-

  • It is a means of you giving back to the community
  • You will have access to qualified prospective employees
  • Reduced recruitment costs should you fully employ an intern(s) 
  • Recognition of your business as a good corporate citizen through GARD Center’s public acknowledgement and thanks. 
  • A chance to be selected as best ‘NEW’ job placement/internship provider and to be given that recognition at the graduation ceremony following the internship/job-placement period.

How GARD Center will Support You

We have a dedicated job- placement officer, Mrs. June Jackson who will assist you as follows:-

  • pre-selecting and vetting youth and providing a short list of trainees who fits your requirements 
  • providing the resumes and other relevant information as it relates to the short listed candidates for example academic performance 
  • assisting with the management of the relationship
  • monitoring the trainee before and during the internship placement 
  • notifying the company of any issues which may affect the terms of the internship 
  • ensuring that youth can competently complete assigned tasks or provide assistance where relevant

Making the Experience a Successful One

To ensure that the experience works well we ask that you:

  • designate a supervisor who is able to provide weekly updates on the intern’s performance 
  • provide a list of duties/activities and responsibilities to be completed by the intern and exposing youth to the areas outlined 
  • provide mentoring/coaching as needed 
  • complete trainee appraisal form and timesheet

Once the training period has been completed the supervisor will be asked to evaluate the performance of the trainee using an appraisal sheet which will be provided. A timesheet will also be provided to be filled in by the supervisor or the assigned mentor. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Job Placement Officer, June Jackson, at 463-4121 or 562-0084. You may also email her at: jjackson@gardc.org