Global Entrepreneurship Week and local Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Awareness Month, Antigua and Barbuda, November, 2016

Antigua and Barbuda celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week with the rest of the world!!!
This is the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators who have launched and those who will launch start-up businesses, which bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.
The GARD Center continues its twelve (12) week Business Management Course, with emphasis this month on Global Entrepreneurship Week, 14 – 20 November 2016, and the benefits of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.  This course focuses on training Management Skills as an Entrepreneur.
A media blitz is planned to heighten awareness of Entrepreneurship to the wider public.  This starts on Saturday, 12 November, 2016.  The Center will appear on the much listened to:  Market Place radio programme, on Observer Radio, which targets Entrepreneurs and promotes their businesses.  GARD Center will continue to get the word out about the positives of Entrepreneurship.
On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, the Center will continue to highlight Entrepreneurship in Antigua and Barbuda on an ABS television discourse with budding young entrepreneurs, “Donut Ace.”  This will also be followed with an interactive talk-show on ZDK radio, which is hosted by a renown local interviewer.
The GARD Center will also be a part of the Agri-tech Extravaganza, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, on 16 & 17 November, at which it will have a booth to disseminate information to those interested in starting a business.  We will be promoting Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, through its diverse disciplines, such as, agro-processing, crop production, nursery management, livestock farming, etc.
The Center will continue to promote Entrepreneurship and its courses on its website and Facebook page.

Jay Peters is the owner of Uniqua Arts. He specialises in wooden jewelry and plaques. When he isn’t busy in the studio creating new designs, he utilises his time as a Gardening Technician beautifying peoples lawns and gardens.

Jay Peters, Handicraft and Ground Maintenance Entrepreneur

Located in the Southern section of the island, Shirley has a thriving backyard garden and vegetable farm.

Shirley Ramsey – Agripreneur

Cheryl Samuel – Soapcrafter

Cheryl Samuel - Soap Crafter
Cheryl started crafting soaps over 20 years ago. Cheryl’s start began when hurricane Luis destroyed her cook shop and she took a course in soap making. Her creativity and ability to construct new designs has made her the leading soap crafter in Antigua. Cheryl now assists the GARD Center in tutoring new soap crafters.

 LCP Industries, 3 Young Agripreneurs

LCP Industries
This enterprising team of young producers of LCP Industries (Winston Laville, Dominic Chastanet, Jermaine Paul) collaboratively started production in the agriculture sector. They started a project to cultivate onions in an effort to increase the employability of youth in the agricultural sector. This project entitled “Crop Initiative Proposal” involves the commercial production of onion for local and export markets

Vernon Grigg – Artist

Vernon is a renowned artist who uses local scenery to create murals, canvas, amongst other pieces of artwork. Vernon also produces signs for businesses.

The Mack Sisters – Agripreneurs and Educators

Waszara and Waszutu Mack are young female rastafarian agri-prenuers. They carry on the tradition of farming as part of their culture and sustainable livelihoods.

Dorothy Pelle – Handicraft Artisan

Dorothy has been using wool and crochet thread to create household accessories  for sale as well as sharing her knowledge and skill with various camps, groups and organisations.
Dorothy has been using wool and crochet thread to create household accessories for sale as well as sharing her knowledge and skill with various camps, groups and organisations.

Alvin James – Beekeeper

Seasoned beekeeper
Seasoned beekeeper. Alvin is about to embark on a new business venture in soap crafting and candle making.