Job Placement

Internships & Apprenticeships (Work Experience)

Laverne Samuel & Mentor MPS
The Job Placement Unit places trainees in internships or apprenticeship stints in line with their career interests. These stints assist in readying trainees for success in the workplace and further cements the development of communication and interpersonal skills such as team work and problem solving thus improving employability. The management and organisation of the placement is done by the job placement officer once training has been completed.
Internships allow for:

  • The application of theory learned during training which further develops understanding and independence
  • Provides insight and practical experience to a particular industry or job and thus tests a candidates fit for a particular career
  • Personal skills development, maturity and self confidence – Most students who complete job attachments usually understand the need for further education and its long term benefits in advancing their careers
  • Networking opportunities and access to resource persons who can assist in job search. In most cases trainees are paired with on the job mentors who provide further insight and support.

Daric Johnson
Guidance and support is provided throughout the work experience period by the job placement officer and trainees are encouraged to use the opportunity as a job searching tool.
Equipping youth for employment
Further the Unit seeks to meet the employment needs of various industries by providing well trained and screened graduates who can fit the labour needs of the recruiter. Job seekers are prepared for the world of work and receive training in life skills which assist in building positive work ethics, high standards of conduct, communication, problem solving and conflict management. Resume writing and interviewing skills training further enhance graduates who are equipped in technical skills such as:

  • Basic Cookery and Food & Beverage Service
  • Yacht Maintenance (Varnishing, Painting, Woodworking etc)
  • Agricultural Production including Ago Processing and Nursery Management
  • Gardening Technician
  • Office Administration
  • Tour Guiding
  • Computer Repairs (Hardware, Software & Networking)
  • Welding

Guides in CostumeSupport offered to graduates include assistance with job search, networking, access to training opportunities for those seeking dependent jobs while the entrepreneurial minded will have access to those services of the business development unit including mentoring.

Benefits to Recruiters

  • Reduced employment costs
  • Ready access to qualified employees
  • Connection to communities where you do business


My department was recruiting for a receptionist and the HR Manager provided the resume of Miss Tarissa Francis [GARD Center graduate who had interned at MBS]. The staff had been so impressed with her and her qualifications during the internship that two departments were fighting to recruit her. My department got her. Working with the GARD Center has been a very successful experience and a collaboration we hope to continue.
— Ms. S. Butters, Support Supervisor/Customer Service Department Medical Benefits Scheme, St.John’s
To contact the job placement officer June Jackson call 463-4121 or 725-2299 or