This European Union (EU) sponsored  Agricultural Training Course for 2017, will begin in March 2017
Interviews and Assessments will be held starting on Monday, 6 March, 2017
Mack sisters harvest-Sep13Agriculture is the growing of crops and the rearing of animals through scientific facts and principles over a period of time to provide food, cotton, milk as well as other products. The use of computers in record keeping, sourcing markets, networking and becoming certified in Good Agricultural Practices are all a part of the world, today’s agricultural entrepreneurs live in.  Other possible career paths are tractor operator, pest management officer, entomology (study of insects), plant pathology (identification of diseases), livestock breeding and artificial insemination. There are an increasing number of young men and women now looking to agriculture as a business joining this important sector providing food and services for our nation.

What is to covered

  • Business Enterprise,
  • Crop Production,
  • Integrated Pest Management,
  • Nursery Management, and
  • Post-harvest technology for fresh fruits and vegetables – storage, diseases, etc.

Training provided Computing, Math, English and Life Skills, for additional experience for the trainee to become attractive to employers. Internships are to be arranged where trainees are given the opportunity to participate in a real work environment.  Each trainee is expected to use the wealth of knowledge gained at GARD Center to assist on their internship stints. Harvest of cucumbers-Sep13 Classes will be held at the GARD Center, located at Mercers Creek. Assistance with transportation can be provided where needed. For those with ambition to become farmers, our Business Development Unit will work tirelessly with them to fine tune their business plans and get their farms registered.
This day course runs for twelve (12) weeks.


Youth between the ages of 17 – 35 years.
Training period: 20 March – 9 June 2017
Hours of Study: 9:00am – 3:00pm, Monday – Friday
Place of Study: GARD Center, Mercers Creek, St. Peter.  (East of Pares Village)
Scholarships available for those who qualify.
Needed to Register:  1 Valid Photo ID
Registration fee: EC$50.00. Non-refundable