Yacht Maintenance

Yacht Maintenance Course began in September 2016.
boat on drydockThis sponsored course under the auspices of CAR-19, caters to Youth between the ages of 15 – 29 years, who are invited to register for this exciting 12 week course, by calling the GARD Center at 463-4121 or 562-0084.
Young ladies, Register NOW!!!  This course is for you!!!
The Yacht Industry offers many exciting long term careers; jobs which can have you travelling to locations normally restricted to the rich and unseen by the typical individual. Over the years, Antigua & Barbuda has developed a world renowned reputation for varnishing – people come from around the world specifically for this service! In 2012, the amount of work for yacht workers has significantly increased at a time when other industries are experiencing decline. The industry now demands trained, professional tradesmen who can deliver the standard of work received at boat yards around the world.

YM5What you’ll cover

  • Fiber glass including fabrication & repair
  • Metal fabrication; lathing, drilling, tapping, grinding
  • Painting & Varnishing
  • Small Boat Repair
  • Welding

Training will also be provided in ICT, Math and English, to give you extra skills to become attractive to employers; and the Arise Life Skills programme, covers topics such as developing self-confidence and managing conflicts. An internship will be arranged where you will have the opportunity to participate in a real work environment, and our Job Placement staff will help you search for and apply for jobs.
There is a non-refundable registration fee of EC$50.00.