Nature Center

Dsc_0090The Gilbert Agro-heritage Nature Center is  located on the historic Gilbert Estate at Mercers Creek in the Eastern section of the island Nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Prior to 2009 it served as a demonstration farm and over the years was visited by agricultural producers, agricultural extension officers, school children, civic and church clubs, youth groups, and overseas agriculturists. The Demo farm promoted a number of agro-ecological practices such as alley cropping, composting, companion planting and other practices. The introduction of  organoponics was the highlight of many of the visits.
A decision was made to take on a more sustainable approach in the operation of this 8 acre unit and to promote the historical and cultural features of the estate. Funding was sourced to help make the estate more accessible to the general public by providing an educational experience of the historical significance of this estate and the cultural aspects of the local environment and people.
The estate has been undergoing improvements in adding attractions such as a 3 mile trail, ethno-medicinal herbal garden, children’s corner, display gardens , maize, exhibition area, demo wattle n daub hut, banana grove, handicraft workroom and display area (a turtle conservation project to use broken bottles on the beach and craft them into jewelry)

The Nature Center is now the home of an Annual Flower and Garden Show hosted with the Antigua and Barbuda Horticultural Society,  Camp Grow an agricultural/ environmental camp  for children 8-11 years old, hosted with the Environmental Awareness Group and other planned events.