FAO Regional Meeting on Public Policies for Rural Women, Santo Domingo, October 2013

The GARD Center was invited by the FAO to present a summary of the situation of women in Antigua and Barbuda at the recently concluded Regional Meeting on Public Policies for Rural Women: Economic Independence, rights and fight against hunger.
The one day meeting focused on women in Latin America and the Caribbean and the need to set policies which affect rural women in the agriculture sector.  Much discussion was had on what a rural woman is, who should be considered a rural woman and the perimeters of rural zones.
Discussions were also held on the use of technology to improve agriculture and agricultural practices and the role governments need to play to assist rural women in agriculture.  Access to water, seeds and markets were all areas that were highlighted as being relevant to a rural woman’s success in agriculture.  These were considered areas in which the government could assist greatly.
The meeting ended with a cultural event showcasing the food, dance, music and culture of the Santo Dominican people.  It was a wonderful way to end the talks.
All in all, strides were made to ensure that measures are being taken to ensure the women’s place in Agriculture is improved throughout the region.
The Center was represented by Ms. Kareem Francis, Project Manager.