GARD Center Represented at GEC in Moscow – March 2014

Last month, more than two thousand delegates met in Moscow for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC)—an inter-disciplinary gathering of startup champions from more than 140 countries. Above all else, they are interested in sharing ideas with one another on how best to help startups flourish in their countries.
Representing Antigua and Barbuda, and the GARD Center at the congress was Johan Oliver, Business Development Officer. The GARD Center is also the local representative for Global Entrepreneurship Week, and their corresponding events.
Johan Oliver et al in Moscow-March2014
(Johan Oliver; far right, with Jonathan Ortmans; President of GEW, & Award winning startup Founders for Teddy the Guardian; Josipa Majic & Ana Burica of Croatia.)
The entire week of the Congress offered an impressive range of interesting activities. The Opening Ceremony commenced with a global Research+Policy Summit, and an entrepreneurs’ Peer to Peer event. Official fringe events, conducted by leading practitioners and entrepreneurial support organizations, took place on the days surrounding this Forum—providing educational and networking opportunities as well as a unique window into successful Russian models with potential for being replicated.
The Congress pulls together a broad collection of voices from across the entrepreneurial spectrum—with previous participation from celebrity entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Marc Ecko, startup community champions like Brad Feld of TechStars and Dave McClure of 500 Startups, as well as an increasing number of government officials interested in getting smarter about how to more effectively help entrepreneur led startup communities.
However, the real driving force at the Congress was an expanding community of delegates—entrepreneurs, researchers and supporters who have partnered with their national leaders in more than 140 countries—working tirelessly to advance startups and position entrepreneurship as the cornerstone of global prosperity and stability.  It includes the teams from all 140 countries who run Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)—the annual collection of national startup campaigns that attracts 7.5 million participants to roughly 20,000 events, activities and competitions during one week each November.  In Moscow, they gathered to exchange ideas for GEW 2014 and strengthen the connections that fuel a burgeoning global entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The 2014 Congress was a joint effort by Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Moscow City Government and the Kauffman Foundation.