Internships / Job Placements

During November and December 2013, the Job Placement Officer has successfully secured Internships for 13 out of the 14 female participants who attended the IT course; 12 out of the 14 women who completed the Business Enterprise course, and for all 17 participants who recently completed the Agricultural training course.
In addition to the Internships, Job Placements have been secured for 17 students who participated in the above mentioned courses.
The internship /job placement interviews with employers have been a welcoming experience, especially when  they have good reviews of the students willingness to learn and more so that they are moldable.  There are a few students who will be kept on as temporary employees and a few who will be made permanent over a period of time.
Most students showed great pride in their overall appearance and went beyond the call of duties assigned to them on the job. This was very well received by the employers and the GARD Center.