GARD Center partners with the Department of the Environment in the Grid-interactive Solar PV Systems for Schools and Clinics

“GARD Center , Guardians of the Environment, Guardians for our Youth” This is the theme of GARD Center’s  Grid-interactive Solar PV Systems for Schools and Clinics project. The overall goal of this project “is to ensure that during a drought or a hurricane, schools in the country will still be fully functional, better known as climate resilient.  Using clean technology will contribute to our national commitment of reducing our CO2 emissions” (Dept. of the Environment). Reducing our electricity usage, while increasing the trainees and trainers awareness of environmental management and renewable energy both at the Center and in the surrounding communities will be a vital outcome.

The Center just launched its project on September 18, 2018 with the Executive Director Ag. Mrs. June Jackson speaking about the project and its benefits, along with Ms. Shema Roberts, Environment Officer, with the Department of the Environment.  Ms. Roberts congratulated the Center on being the first to launch and to have an exciting program lined up for the youth. One of the highlights for the Center’s project is conducting a new course for Solar Panel Installation Assistant Technicians. Eighteen (18) young men and two (2) daring young women who are “thinking outside of the traditional women roles”, have registered for the course which is being conducted by Antigua Computer Technology (ACT), a strategic partner in this project.

Ms. Lucia Mings of  Environmental Tourism Consulting  who will be advising the Center in the development our Environment Management Plan also addressed the gathering of trainees , staff, trainers and other guests. Remarks were presented by Mrs. Karen Massiah , Customer Service Coordinator/Executive Assistant of  ACT stated that the company is pleased to partner with an organization like the GARD Center and to be a part of the Solar project.

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