EU Project – Monitoring Visit

Mr. Koen Rossel-Cambier, EU representative, visited the GARD Center on Wednesday, 13 November 2013.  He brought with him a local representative from the office of the NAO – Mrs. Juray Roberts.
They were introduced to the members of staff and tutors and both were given a tour of the facilities.  They also viewed first-hand a Weaving and Textile class which was in session.
–    Fruitful discussions included:
o   Project progress with emphasis on the results and their indicators as in the logical framework.
o   Project visibility and the visibility plan.
o   Preparation of the upcoming new disbursement request, with the accountant.

Mr. Rossel-Cambier was pleased to hear that the GARD Center is being considered to be an accredited CVQ Center.
The meeting ended with Mr. Rossel-Cambier taking some of GARD Center pamphlets and the promotional video and Mrs. Roberts stating their pleasure in meeting with the staff at the GARD Center.