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Executive Director Awarded Scholarship

Recently our Executive Director Mrs. June Jackson received a paid scholarship for non-profit organizations. The scholarship gave recipients free access to a webinar that focused on fundraising activities such as grants, special events, in-kind donations and online fundraising . Mrs. Jackson attended the webinar and is very grateful for the opportunity that was given to her. Below is an image of the scholarship announcement and a screenshot from the webinar.

Facebook Announcement of Mrs. June Jackson being awarded the scholarship.
Screenshot of the Webinar hosted by Pastor Victoria Burse

Mrs. June Jackson, new Executive Director of the GARD Center

Taking on the mantle and the challenges of managing a vibrant and unique organization, is Mrs. June Jackson, the new Executive Director and former Job Placement Officer at the GARD Center. Mrs. Jackson comes with a wealth of expertise, receiving an associate degree in Arts and specialty in Small Business Management, Diploma in Social Sciences and Counselling, Adult Literacy certification, Teacher training and Office Administration.. Most importantly she brings the compassion and love for young people. God bless Mrs. Jackson and the work that she will be involved in over the years ahead for the GARD Center and the vulnerable youth that are served.