GARD Center 25th Anniversary Celebrations

As the GARD Center celebrates its 25th Anniversary, there will be a year of activities to celebrate this milestone in the Center’s history.
Celebrations started off with the Anniversary Church Service.
In April, there will be a Local Farm-to-Table Luncheon Festival at the Gilbert Agro-heritage Nature Center, Mercers Creek.  12 noon to 4pm. Tickets cost $100.00 Dress Casual (no heels).  For inquires call 463-4121 or 562-0084.
There will be entertainment along with lots of other activities to keep you occupied and engaged. Come out and support the Center in this one of a kind fundraising experience promoting local creativity, products and chefs.  
Coming soon – a Youth Extravaganza to celebrate youth entrepreneurship, a calendar highlighting events of the year for 2016 along with media testimonials and portable exhibits.
Watch our facebook page for dates and times. Facebook link located on the homepage, bottom right.