Food & Beverage Service

Commenced July 2013 Ended August 2014, in conjunction with the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute
Within the growing tourism sector there is a demand for trained Food and Beverage workers in the hospitality industry. Undertaking a study in Food and Beverage Service will enable graduates to seek employment in a variety of food services outlets.
Whether they work in small, informal bars or large, elegant restaurants, all food and beverage service staff aim to help customers have a positive dining experience in their establishments. They are responsible for greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, serving food, cleaning up after patrons, and preparing tables and dining areas – essential for presenting a positive impression of Antigua & Barbuda, and ensuring customers return time and again.

What you’ll cover

  • Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality
  • Food Preparation
  • Baking Technology
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Safety • Menu Planning
  • Bar Operations
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Food Science & Nutrition

Training will also be provided in ICT, Maths and English, to give you extra skills to become attractive to employers; and in the Passport to Success Life Skills programme, covering topics such as developing self-confidence and managing conflicts.
An internship will be arranged where you will have the opportunity to participate in a real work environment, and our Job Placement staff will help you search for and apply for jobs.