Basic Cookery

Commenced July 2013 Completed August 2014.  This was held in conjunction with the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute.
Within the growing tourism sector there is a demand for trained cooks in the hospitality industry. Most of the jobs you will come across are in restaurants or hotels, but there are also other places where you can have a highly successful and lucrative cookery career, such as aboard a cruise liner, or in a high end corporation.
This course was the first step to many of the graduates getting some of the best paying and most interesting cookery jobs around, including seasonal jobs at resorts, and becoming a personal chef within an individual’s home.

  • Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality
  • Quality Customer Care
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Safety
  • Language Studies (French & Spanish) • Food Preparation
  • Baking Technology
  • Basic Cookery
  • Business Communication

Training was also provided in ICT, Maths and English, which added extra skills to become attractive to employers; and Life Skills programme covers topics such as developing self-confidence and managing conflicts.
Internships were arranged where graduates had the opportunity to participate in a real work environment, and our Job Placement staff will help search for and apply for jobs.